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2009 GS 220 Sundeck with 200 hp Yamaha. What is the correct prop?

What should be the correct size prop for 220 Sundeck with 200 Yamaha 4 stroke engine?


  • formerlyFlyingV5
    formerlyFlyingV5 Member Posts: 22
    Folks with the same model boat will be able to tell you what works on their boat and that may be correct for yours. That said, here is what you are looking for: Test the boat on smooth water, like in the evening when the lake is a mirror. This eliminates drag from chop. Test with a "light boat", that is, less than 1/2 tank of fuel, single occupant (or 2 but make all tests with the same load), no extra weight aboard. Adjust the trim for max speed at wide open throttle and watch the tach. The engine should just reach the rated max rpm and not over-rev. If it over revs you need more prop, if it can't reach the max rpm you need less prop. With a loaded boat the engine will not rev as high but this will give you the best overall performance with no danger of over-revving the engine. 3 blade prop will give higher top end, 4 blade will give better hole shot and faster plane. A good prop vendor will let you test and return  a prop or two if you don't scratch them. Good luck
  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 448 admin