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Part Name for Piggyback Jumper on Nav/ANC Switch

I have a 2017 SS 201 I/O. My Nav/ANC lights aren’t working as the black piggyback jumper on the 5 pin toggle (#10 on the wiring diagram ) is broken. Do you know what the black piggyback wire jumper part is called so that I can order from my dealer? No one seems to know.  Thanks! 


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 554 admin
    You can buy this from your local dealer.  To locate a dealer please place your zip code in the dealer locator on our website
  • abparkinson
    abparkinson Member Posts: 9
    Thanks. I have asked the dealer but they're not clear on the part number of the black piggyback connector right to the left of the number 10 in the attached wiring diagram . I don't need the whole switch which I already got from the dealer. I just need the black piggyback connector but they don't have a part number for it. Do you have a part number and name for the this jumper you could send me?  Thanks!