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Ports on Transom of 2020 SD187 -- what are they for?

cherman Member Posts: 4
Earlier this spring I bought a used 2020 SD187.  It has two ports on the transom (other than the plug) that have lines and a valves routed into the boat.  The previous owner didn't know what they did he just said to close them when I'm in the water.  What are they for and how do I know which way the valve should be?  First few times in the water I had a lot more draining out then I was expecting when I trailered it afterwards.  BTW, first boat so Im pretty green.


  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    One port goes to the livewell in the front of the boat. There is a valve in the transom area that can be shut off to prevent the livewell from filling up when not being used. It the shut off valve is parallel to the pipe it is open. Turn the valve level perpendicular, it will now be shut.