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Just bought a 2016 CC19

PNGento Member Posts: 12
Yesterday was my first time out with my 2016 CC19...all went well, but I have a few questions.  

1) how does water get into the bilge?  
When I wash down inside the boat, the water runs to the rear and into slots at the bottom of the two outboard compartments, then it runs out through two holes leading to ports going to the outside.  So, it seems as if water that enters the boat, would not go to a bilge.  Not sure what happens to water that enters various compartments (under seats, bottom ski compartment, etc.  Does this water just sit there unless siphoned out, or is this where water might enter the bilge?  

2) 3 of my 4 seatbacks have broken plastic pieces where the seatback's rods are inserted.  It seems as if Hurricane does not have these parts available for my 2016...does anyone know if the same part from a 2017 or later might fit my 2016?  

I'll end for now...glad to have found this forum and looking forward to contributing.


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 517 admin
    There are over board deck drains for the seat boxes but the majority of the boat will drain into the bilge.  The boat model did not change between those years.  You may want to reach out to for misc parts