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Cushions for CC19 vs CC21

Can anyone tell me if the cushions are the same between the CC19 and CC21?  I'd think this might be possible if the difference between the two models is mostly in giving more open floor space.  But if the bow area is extended, then the cushions might not be interchangeable.  


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 554 admin
    These cushions are different and not interchangeable
  • PNGento
    PNGento Member Posts: 12
    Thank you for bringing these items to my attention, but I really wish you had been a bit less adamant in your assessment.  Not sure how you decided they would not work as replacements, but you couldn't have been more wrong.  I almost decided to pass on these since it was a 5 hour trip each way.  But, we went ahead and made the trip.  The cushions fit as good, if not better than our, they are almost new in appearance.  So, the cushions from a 21' (2018) are a perfect replacement for my 19' (2016).  The fit for the Bimini will have to wait for a couple of weeks before I can test fit it.  Fingers crossed on that as well.