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2011 226 FunDeck railing

IRISHTORNADO Member Posts: 14
Does anyone know where I can purchase the railing material Godfrey used in 2011?  It’s square with lines in it.  I had a oppsie at the dock  


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 433 admin
    I would suggest or
    IRISHTORNADO Member Posts: 14
    I would suggest or

    thanks for the links.  My boat railing unfortunately was made in house in 2011 and is no longer offered.  I’m guessing I’m gonna have a hard time finding the exact railing to repair.   

  • formerlyFlyingV5
    formerlyFlyingV5 Member Posts: 22
    I believe you can fix that railing without replacing it. The crimp is on the inner side and the outer side still looks fine. Place a solid timber against the outside as a flat surface and press or pull (however you can rig it) the railing straight. The crimp will probably split or tear when you pull it. Cut away the bent / torn part. Easy to then cover the deck with something heat resistant and weld a patch on the inner side where it won't show except from on-board. Seems like that might be the best looking fix.