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Repairing gel coat dings and gouges

Sappleby Member Posts: 8
We decided to keep, rather than sell, our 20 year old SunDeck.  I am going through and fixing or replacing everything that is damaged or not working.  I have very little experience with fiberglassing and gel coat.  It has been limited to areas that would get covered up so, no real craftsmanship required.  But, now I need to repair a dozen, or so, dings in the gel coat.  Nothing structural and nothing too big. Things like “dock bumps”, anchor banging against the hull when retrieving, stuff like that.

I learned, on this forum, that my “white” color is probably Grey Pearl, and that Spectrum Color is about the only source for it.  In addition to gallons and quarts, then have a kit that gives you two ounces of color-matched putty to fill these spots in one step (not counting sanding and buffing). Has anyone used one of these kits and, if so, what did you think?  Did it do the job?  How well did the color match? Our boat has had twenty years of So. Florida sun so I suspect it isn’t quite the original color.  Also, how far does two ounces of this stuff go? It’s $53 for the kit (reasonable) but $30 for shipping.  If I’m going to need more than one, I would prefer to order them at the same time and save the second shipping.

Thanks in advance for your insight,