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08 237SD Pump Diagrams/Plumbing

rboudr33 Member Posts: 2
Just got an 08 237SD and have taken it out 3 times. I am noticing it dumps a significant amount of water from the bilge. Does anyone have a pump/plumbing diagram for this model they can share? Next time I take it out I will look in the bilge area and try to determine where water is coming in from but I'd like to learn what I can prior to that. I understand the live well intake and drain is on the stern and I know which ports are for the self bailing system but I do not know what the other ports are for. There is one on the port side and two more on the starboard side that I do not know about. I also looked inside the bilge on Wednesday after taking it out on Monday and it is bone dry so I do not think the problem is too bad but it does dump enough water as to if the bilge wasn't working I would have a problem. The info here has been great for me, thanks for all the knowledge shared!