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2017 Hurricane SD187 - NAV/ANC Switch

I am having an issue with my stern/anchor (Bimini-mounted) light.  Can someone please confirm the proper operation of the three-way "NAV/ANC" switch?  Please tell me which lights should illuminate, in which position of this three-way switch. 

Is it as follows?
Down: Nav Lights (Green & Red) illuminated only.
Middle: OFF - No lights illuminated.
Up: Nav Lights (Green & Red) & Anchor/Stern Light illuminated.

Do I have this correct?  And if not, what is the correct sequence?  Further, as I am trying to diagnose why my Anchor/Stern light won't light, which position should the switch be in, to be providing 12v to the outlet in the rail, next to the helm seat?

I can see the Nav Lights illuminating, but cannot get the Anchor/Stern to light, regardless of switch position.  Anyone have advice on this situation?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.