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Fuel Fill Assembly for an SS188 SportDeck I/O

FrankHD Member Posts: 16
Well, I committed the sin of snagging my protruding gas cap on the stanchion on one of the posts in my slip, which ripped the entire fuel fill assembly out of the fiberglass and broke the cap off, catapulting it into the water never to be seen again.  I bought a low profile stainless steel assembly at West Marine that has 3 mounting screws instead of the original 4, thinking it would be an easy fix (just pull the old one through the hole in the hull, loosen a clamp or two, drill 3 holes with a hand crank drill that I bought for this to ensure no spark near the fuel line, install the new fill assembly, tighten the band clamps, slide it back thru the hole in the hull, and screw the assembly in place in my newly drilled holes), only to discover
  1. The one I bought at West Marine is not vented, whereas the one on my boat is vented
  2. I can't pull what remains of the assembly out through the too-tight hole in the fiberglass because the band clamp interferes with the fiberglass (how did they ever get that installed in the first place?  My arm is not long enough to reach the fill assembly through the small access opening on the back end of the boat.)

Any suggestions as to where I can get a compatible vented fuel fill assembly and how to get the old one off and the new one installed?