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Electrical issue on 2016 SD 187

With my meter I measure 12V at the fuse holders labeled Stereo, Bilge and ACC - the 15A and 10A fuses for those are not blown, but the stereo does not work.   The 5A Bilge fuse was blown and I replaced it, but the bilge still does not run when switched on.  Red and Green nav lights are working, however, several accessories are not working: Bilge, Stereo, Court Lights, Depth finder, and Live well. 

When Master switch is ON, the Fresh Water pump works with its switch, so I'm assuming the master relay is o.k.  The 12V receptacle is also live.  There is a second relay - not sure if that's parallel with the master or is energized with a different switch.

A schematic of the entire electrical system would be helpful if anyone has it.  I found PDF's for 3 schematics on another post - 187 188 201 gauge hrns 70313, 187 188 201 port sw assy 292595, and 187 188 201 stbd sw assy 283237 but the relays and fuses are not shown.  Need to find what feeds the accessories that are not working.