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Snap cover replacement for 1998 FD232

six50joe Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
I've been getting by with the snap cover on my Fundeck for way longer than I expected to, it's the original one.   I've gotten by by reinforcing the worn out snap areas with new sections over the years.   Not sure how much longer I can use it before it starts falling apart, and positioning plastic support stands along with support poles to keep water from pooling is a pain.

Looking for advice for alternatives.  Has anyone tried one of those generic cover companies that have an 'exact fit'?  Looks to me like they're only good for storage, unless some of them have a way to accommodate the bimini when docked.  

The local marine upholsterers in my area aren't picking up the phone or returning calls, I'm guessing over-demand and being booked up for a long time.

Also same thing with my bimini.  The poles on one side of it have been bent for several years now, but it's for the most part noticeable to only myself.  Don't want to try straightening them and making it worse.  So I'm also curious to know from anyone whose tried one of those generic biminis on an old boat like mine.   More concerned about whether they look ridiculous on it than their function.

1998 Fundeck 232
1198 150hp Johnson Oceanrunner (J150EXECD)