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Replacement Windshield 05 202 GS

Just bought this amazing boat  but the windshield is missing. 

 Have contacted Custom Mold & Tint in Murfeesboro TN, they said they did not make this model.
Any Help out there?

Also. Looking for an owners manual/shop manual for same??

All help appreciated.


  • donmat
    donmat Member Posts: 41 ✭✭
    From past experience I think the only help you can get on this will be through a Hurricane dealer. I have had little luck getting any info from Hurricane direct and they only sell parts through the dealers. I had to replace my windshield recently and that's what i did.
    My windshield was made by a company called Jet Technologies  and their website is www[link=][/link] and their number is 574 264-3613. i believe it cost around $165 through the dealer. It is the small windshield on a 2010 188 Sport.