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Drain hose issues

HEA2005 Member Posts: 4
The starboard drain has always been extremely slow to drain and smaller amounts of water don't drain - they pool there.  I finally crawled into the underseat storage hole in the back seat to locate photo 1.  The drain hose was severely kinked and actually was routed up.  I removed it, used a hard elbow (1.5 inch plumbing elbow) and reconnected it.  Tested it with much better result but there is no much downward angle from the drain to where it connects with the port side drain and onto the port side scupper.

The drain under the captain's seat worked better but, as you can see the hose actually went up before it went down to the scupper.  It would seem a better route for the starboard drain would have been to the starboard scupper along with the one under the captain's chair.

Looking for any comments, something I'm missing in the physics at work here or ??  Thanks.  BTW Hurricane's rule and no other manufacturer comes close!