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2002 FunDeck 115 Yamaha 4 stroke holeshot

tlturbo Confirm Email, Member Posts: 3
I just bought a very nice used 2002 Hurricane 188 FunDeck with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke.  Now granted I'm used to 468 Chevy 120 mph ski boats so maybe my expectations are too much but with just 2 people onboard, this seems to take forever to get up on a plane.   The prop is a S/S 3 blade stamped 17-K.   There are no trim tabs (would these help?)   I even have a heavy trolling motor battery mounted up front.  I fish inshore in SW FL and there's lots of shallow water.  I can't take 10 seconds with motor trimmed in dragging my **** to get on a plane.  And there is no way I could pull a skier up like this.  Any Ideas or am I expecting too much?  Thanks