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2001 Fundeck Trailer Wheel Studs Broke Off on Freeway

JeffM Member Posts: 1
Good evening all. I hope everyone is having a better boating day than we did. We were 10 minutes from the lake exiting the freeway when all of a sudden, the wheel fell off of our trailer. Come to find out, all of the wheel studs had broken off. We just bought the boat a few weeks ago, so this was not something we had checked yet. But apparently, they were either over-tightened at some point, or rusted. After unhitching the trailer on the exit ramp, and multiple trips to Autozone and several hundred dollars invested in jack, jackstands, tools, and trial and error on wheel studs, we just couldn't find an exact match. Mainly because the guy who worked there had no idea what he was doing. He actually let me go back there with him and dig through the endless stacks of wheel studs he had, but after multiple tries, we gave up. We were able to get a couple of heavy duty nuts and bolts attached to be able to limp the boat and trailer to a Firestone about 3 miles away, and they said they would look at it tomorrow, but didn't sound too promising. 

I guess my question is this. I have the single axle trailer that came with the boat in 2001. Does anyone know where I can look up parts for this boat? It may need a new hub, an entire new axle, or we might be able to fix it with the correct size wheel studs. But I'm having a bit of trouble knowing where to begin looking. Thanks. Hull ID is GDYS8887F101 if that helps at all.