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Fundeck 196 Prop Pitch Dilemma

kuszmaul1 Member Posts: 2
Just purchased a beautiful 2016 FD196 w/ Yamaha F115. It came with an aluminum 13 1/4 X 17 prop. I replaced it with a SS prop same dimensions. 

Maiden voyage, WOT was 6800 rpm @ 35 mph.  Yamaha says WOT should be 5800-6300. 
I don’t pull skiers, just want to go as fast as possible at around 6000 rpm, so I need to increase the pitch. 

If I increase to 19 pitch, everything I read says that will only reduce rpm by 400 rpm = 6400 rpm. 

I plugged those numbers into Yamaha’s prop selector site and it said I should go to a pitch of 20 or 21. 

The local dealer was less than useful and gave me wrong information. 

Does anyone have any experience/suggestions, before I make such a large jump from 17 to 21 pitch?


  • kuszmaul1
    kuszmaul1 Member Posts: 2
    Follow up question: after more research I have a hard time believing my F115 is running at 6800 rpm. It sounds good and is very smooth. Is it possible that my tachometer is bad? Does the F115 have a rev limiter? Can it even go that high tpm?