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Speedometer cable

Hi all, I’m replacing the dash panels on my 2003 SD187.  All of the gauges have connections that I can disconnect to remove the gauge when swapping over to the new panel except for the speedometer.  The larger black cable in the center of the meter goes behind the helm and then into the starboard wall, along with the other wires, steering cable, etc. headed aft.  Is there a connection point on this cable or is it a single piece all the way back to the device that detects the speed of the boat.  There is no external pitot so, must be something in the hull?


  • Sappleby
    Sappleby Member Posts: 8
    Never mind, I got it.  Was able to gently pry it off of the back of the gauge.  It looked as if it was permanently attached and I didn’t want to use too much force.  And, before you all call me out on it, I now remember the pitot is built into the Yamaha lower drive.  Lol