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2011 187 OB Windshield

Looking for right and center glass for 2011 187OB.

Boats and trees don't go well together... HELP!!!


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 475 admin
    you could try to reach out to Taylor made.  they could possibly help.
  • hurricanedude
    hurricanedude Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response.  Taylor Made was my second call, after a hurricane dealer. Taylor Made said they went back seven years and threw away the molds. They wouldn't even try to match up any numbers I had on the other side glass. I did find a company that would make glass to fit the frame for $$$$$$.

    Still playing the insurance game but also working on making a plastic window myself. Even salvage yards are hard to find.

  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 475 admin is an aftermarket source you could try