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Transomsaver and Fish seat question

tegrable88 Member Posts: 1
Headed to pick up a 2016 Sundeck 2486 with the F250XA Yamaha engine on it.
Question one, as i cannot for the life of me find this in the manual. Does this boat need some sort of bracket to support the engine during travel? (my bass boat does).
Question two, my boat does come with the LiveWell up front but not the bracket to mount a fishing chair as I've seen on other models. Has anyone added one to theirs. Pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance! 


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 522 admin
    Trolling motors are an aftermarket application and the bracket typically comes with the trolling motor.  Typically, a transom saver is an application that is added aftermarket by the dealership.