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2016 CC19 - question on the freshwater system

PNGento Member Posts: 12
I finally was able to replace the rotted hose on the freshwater wash down hose.  So, I figured I'd test it out...I put several gallons of water into the tank, turned on the switch and could hear it running, but nothing came out of the hose.  So, there could be several reasons for this.  Maybe the small amount of water I put in, wasn't enough.  Solution would be to put a LOT of water in...but this then raises the question:  what if the problem is that the pump is bad?  Then I have a full tank of water I can't dump (or is there a way to drain the water)?  

Anyway, hoping someone can answer these questions so I can decide how best to proceed:

1) how large is the freshwater tank on the CC19?
2) is there a way to drain the tank, or is the only way via squirting it out via the hose?
3) where is the water pump and how do I access it if it needs to be replaced?



  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 522 admin
    This is a 13 gallon tank.  The only way to empty the system is to purge with the sprayer.  The fresh water pump is located at the stern of the boat access is in the motor well access ports.