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Teetering on trailer (new owner)

SteveG75 Member Posts: 2
So, we just bought a new 191 OB. Dealer provided the trailer. 

We were launching it last night and when I loosened the ratchet on the trailer winch the bow moved up about a foot and the boat was teetering on the trailer. Seemed very unstable. 

Please look at attached pic of boat on trailer. I am wondering if the bunks are too short at the rear. 


  • TenaciousTom
    TenaciousTom Member Posts: 1
    Yes, we had the very same thing happen yesterday with our first launch. All I could pic was it sliding off prematurely. So I just kept it hooked up till I backed in and had it floating. Also seems like you really have to submerge the trailer to get it off. I'm coming from a small center console that didn't require that much water. 
  • SteveG75
    SteveG75 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. The trailer manufacturer is just an hour away so I am going to call them Monday. I was thinking that I could get the bunks extended a foot further back. Or, I could move the winch up 6” to 8”.