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Discoloration on seats

Every time the cover is removed there is a reddish discoloration on the tops on the seats.  Mold or fungus? Goes away after a full day in the sun. No amount of scrubbing or cleaners will remove it permantly.  Does anyone know what this is or how to stop it?


  • Ernest_T
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    I've always heard that pink stains are actually a type of mold, or the by-product of a mold. The problem is that it penetrates through the vinyl and is not just on the surface. That is what makes it so hard to completely remove. Sometimes it will even penetrate through to the foam underneath. I have a friend that claims the way to remove it is to use Soft Scrub with bleach. Rub it into the stained area (probably should wear gloves), then leave it in the sun all day. Repeat this process until it goes away, then put on a coat of 303 Aerospace protectant. I haven't tried this yet myself, since I only have a couple of very small areas, but may try it if they grow. You might want to test an inconspicuous area first to be sure this process itself does not change the color of the vinyl.
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  • callforbids
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    I have experienced the same thing. It usually appears in an area where the cover fits snuggly over the vinyl on the cushion. I have researched the problem by talking to several canvas/upholstery shops and also the manufacturer of the seating in boats manufactured by Godfrey.
    The discoloration appears to be bleeding from the foam used or the backing on the vinyl through the exposed surface of the seats, cushions, etc. I have never been able to completely eliminate the bleeding, but here is what I do to clean it up. Continuous cleaning improves the situation, but I haven't been able to completely eliminate it.
    1. Apply "303" vinyl cleaner and spot remover
    2. Work the cleaner into the vinyl with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser white scrub pad. ( the pads can be purchased at Home Depot for about $10 for 8 or so of them.
    3. Remove the excess
    4. Apply "303" aerospace protectant
    Hope this helps!
  • davidfox
    davidfox Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried this method?  If so, was it effective?