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1995 Fundeck 196 water over bow

davidmorse Member Posts: 3
 When moving at slow speeds, slowing down with passengers sitting on the front seat or going toward waves water flows over the front of the boat and into the cockpit.  This requires a quick acceleration to get the water back to the bilge pump.
There are two holes through the deck under the front seats near the front.  I thought they were to drain the water from the deck and allow it to collect at the back but it seems that water in the cockpit will drain through these back into the lake.  I am guessing that the underside of these drains is designed so that water cannot come up while moving forward but have not checked.
It seems that the boat runs with a slight tilt forward when going at idle speed.  Giving a little gas helps but when coming to a stop it is not unusual to get water over the bow again unless I am very carefull.  I don't think it should be this difficult.
Also, any idea if the bilge pump should be automatic on this model.  It works fine with the switch on but doesn't work automatically.  Obviously I have not looked at it.
Any suggestions would help.  Thanks


  • fitzged
    fitzged Member Posts: 5
    I have a 1996 Fundeck 196.  Water coming in from the front will drain out the scuppers in the back when the boat is moving forward.  Water on the deck will drain from front and back scuppers when the boat is stationary.  Bilge pump comes into play when water gets into the center deck compartment, then down into the hull.  Water coming over the front, and rain can accumulate water in the hull.  The bilge pump should have a wire to the switch, but also a wire directly to the battery so that it will kick on automatically.  I highly recommend that you make sure the bilge pump is wired to kick on automatically, and that you use marine grade wire connections. 
  • davidmorse
    davidmorse Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the note.  It turns out that water was getting water through the drain plug and sloshing to the front of the boat.  I removed and reinstalled the drain plug and sloved the problem.