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New Boat Familiarization

I just bought a 2008 Hurricane FunDeck GS 172 OB, can anyone tell me if the ski storage area in the floor is pumped out using the bilge pump, water seems to stay in there , also when sitting still at times water appears on the deck, looks like it comes from the deck drain aft of the boat, of course when i get up on plain it goes away, can i put a plug in that hole so no water comes in ? it's not much water it's just bothersome and slushes around. thanks  Tony 


  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭
    what you've described sounds like you don't have a drain plug in your boat at all.  Do you trailer this boat?  You need a plug in there.  You should never get water into your storage locker other than what would go in from wet equipment or passengers dripping in the boat.

    If the 'deck drain' aft of the boat is a brass threaded hole, that's your drain and should be plugged when in the water.
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  • aaa1950
    aaa1950 Member Posts: 19
    I just brought a 2012 188 Sundeck and have a problem with water getting into the storage compartment.  Is the door supposed to have a gasket on it?