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Warning.....Upgraded Stereo System is not covered under Hurricane warranty!

We bought the upgraded Sony stereo system on our 2011 Sundeck 2400 i/o.  It hasn't worked properly since we took delivery.......first the console controls went out so we could only use the main control located inside the boat to control the system.  The whole unit went completely dead a short time later[:@].  Took it in to hurricane thinking it was under Hurricanes extended warranty (which we purchased).....only to find out we have to contact Sony OURSELVES to find out how to get the system fixed.  WTH??  We have had major electrical issues since day one, so this is not making me a happy camper! 


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    Your post has some interesting issues.  My understanding on these kind of issues is a bit different.  Here's what I understand:

    1) I am not aware of any extended warranty offered by the Nautic Group for Hurricane boats.  There is extended warranty available for your engine and drive system.  I purchased the Mercruiser Extended Warranty for my boat.  There may be some "Aftermarket" suppliers that offer extended warranties for boats and maybe that's what you have.  If so, you need to read what's covered very carefully.

    2) Factory installed electronics on the boat would be covered by the one year standard warranty by the dealer.  After that, it would be covered by the manufacturer of the unit.... if there was any time left.  Unfortunately, electronics very often become obsolete very quickly and are replaced with the new latest and greatest.

    My dealer did state that if the unit in my boat was still being offered on the newer (current) models, Hurricane might be inclined to "help out" or offer some "goodwill" by giving some credit towards a replacement.  I am fortunate that I have a really good dealer and he would go the extra mile for any customer.  
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