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Boat lists to one side

I bought the SD2600 I/O a month ago and I've found that the boat lists to the starboard side once I start to go a bit faster -- the amount of the "list" is about 15 degrees.  I was told to "trim" the drive, and while this helps it is not the answer and introduces other issues.  I was then told I should get trim tabs.  Is anyone having this problem ?  The dealer and Godfrey are still looking at it, but to no avail yet.  I am close to pursuing a refund.


  • cjjjdeck
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    Unless your Dealer/Godfrey find a problem or you can rearrange stowed gear (or people) to better balance out the boat (which can easily contribute to the effect you?re describing), I think the common response you will get is pretty much ?install trim tabs? and enjoy your really nice boat.  What you?re experiencing is one reason larger (and even smaller) boats have them installed.  There are other benefits from trim tabs too, like quicker on-plane performance and keeping the boat on-plane at lower speeds. 
    Bear in mind that very often what you?re experiencing isn?t a brand or model specific issue.  Many other brand boats experience the same thing.
    Although I have not had the need to install them on my boat, there are many members of this forum that have and can explain the benefits (pros & cons) better than I can.  I?ve just read enough about them to know that I wouldn?t hesitate to install them if I needed to.
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