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Tarp for Deck Boat?

 I have just winterized my 188OB and would like to put a breathable tarp over the whole boat (the snap-on cover is on it). Anyone have any suggestions where to find something like that in 14 x 24??? thanks Gordon


  • haberman
    haberman Member Posts: 3

    The tarp is the easy part; I've been using oversized standard mooring covers for 30 years, tied down when storing on trailer for winter. I store the custom summer snap on mooring cover indoors.   Are you in snow country?  if so the real problem is shedding or carring snow load without sagging into deck boat.  SunDeck lacking windshield was a real challenge (other than paying through the nose to have shrink wrapped each winter).  I built a light weight "tent" frame of 4 panels that holds up the cheap mooring cover and lets the melt run off.  Supported 16" wet snow last winter just fine.  Further north probably would need taller ridge for steeper slope.  

  • gehutch
    gehutch Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Haberman.
    Can you give me a little more info about the tent frame you built?