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Gas Cap

Just bought a 2013 2200OB Sundeck. First time into my slip, I bumped against a piling and it scraped the steel potion of my gas cap off and into the water. The male threaded plastic portion is still there. Is it possible to just buy a steel cap to put back on or do I need a complete unit? Is it 1 1/2". The Dealer said it was made by Gem but Gem thinks it's a Perko brand. No logo on remaining portion of cap??


  • cjjjdeck
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    Looking at the pictures of your boat on the Hurricane website, it certainly looks like it has the Gem flip-out tab/handle design (Gem calls it a keyless deck fill).  From what I can tell, Perko's design needs a deck plate key to open the fill and looks nothing like Gem's design, so I don't think you can confuse the two.

    My boat definitely has the Gem design cap on it for fuel and water.  I doubt you can just get the cover portion of the cap.  You'll probably have to buy the whole fill cap.  It looks like it's a special custom order item on Gem's website.  This is one of those times you might be better off buying one from the dealer, especially if you want your new boat to have the original cap.  If not, the deckplate is a standard design and will probably accept most 1 1/2" fill caps (not what I would personally do or recommend doing, I actually like the appearance and use of the keyless design).
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  • callforbids
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    I think it is a Perko cap. I would think West Marine would have them. If you can trailer your boat to West Marine, they would probably let you take a cap out of the store to their parking lot to see whether it was the correct one. Try this Perko part number first. 0520dp099a - Good luck! Steve
  • topcat
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    I have a 2013 2200DC Sundeck and I am on my third Gas cap at $60+ a pop.   Although I am aware the slightest contact with the cosmetic chrome cover that snaps over the black plastic gas cap will dislodge the chrome cover, it’s nearly impossible to avoid due to its unprotected placement on the hull and the poor design of the fuel cap.    Today I lowered by boat off the lift and it was floating in the slip and the boat drifted forward ever so slightly due to the boat traffic and just touched the forward port side PVC guide post of the lift.  That was enough to pop off the chrome gas cap cover where it was lost.
    When I lost my second cap I contacted Gail at Perko (305 621-7525) who manufactures the marine gas caps that Hurricane specifies for this 2013 2200DC, and they do not sell the chrome covers separately.
    You can literally grasp the chrome cover of the gas cap and slightly pull and this is enough to dislodge the chrome cover off the plastic base.  I guess from Perko’s point of view its low cost ease-of manufacturing since the boat manufacturer specifies the art work on the chrome cover and the plastic gas cap itself remains the same component.  Also their assembly process is to press fit the chrome cover to the plastic cap. It’s held on by the friction of a couple of plastic nubs.  It’s really a poorly designed marine fuel cap. I am sure Hurricane did not realize that when they selected and sourced this fuel cap from Perko.
    Has anyone found an “unvented” after market cap that fits the 2013 2200 Sundeck? Preferably one that does not have a chrome cover that is secured to the plastic cap by friction only.  I see a number of them at West marine but they all appear to be vented.   
    The Hurricane dealer said their selling about a dozen or so gas caps a week so that’s going to make for a lot of unhappy owners.  Perhaps Hurricane can source a new design cap and make it available.
    Was the same design Perko gas cap used on the 2014 models?
    If the gas fills are all standard 1 ½” perhaps this $6 black plastic Perko cap will work?
  • rdcastle
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    The Perko fuel fill on my 2001 GS 201 is "vented" inside the cap next to the actual fuel fill hose. I keep boat in a lift/slip/alongside dock also but this has not been an issue as the fill seems to be in a position that the rub rail extends out further that the cap. To hit mine the boat would have to be listing a good bit to starboard. I DO wish Hurricane would have located the fill elsewhere since the prevailing winds in our creek are on the stern when fueling dockside.
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  • bailey8331
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    Had a 2013 SD 2400 OB for a month. Just had my second gas cap come apart. It is held together by a thin plastic perimeter ring. The slightest bump at the dock knocks off the chrome cover. You can actually pull it off easily. Needs to be located in a recessed area instead of on a nearly flush area. Nice boat, but very poor design on the cap and the mounting area.
  • cregeis1
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    Hurricane, why would you put anything outside of the rub rail?  I am now on my 4th gas cap as it catches on our lift cables whenever we enter or exit our boat house.  I have become accustomed to watching out for it but everyone else in our family has taken one off now!  Please redesign this obvious flaw as these gas caps are not cheap!
  • clevey4
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    I am having the same problem with my (missing) cap top. I am trying to get a similar cap from a PERKO distributor after talking to the PERKO rep. Mine has the chain attached to the center of the cap, but the replacement has a plastic leash which appears to impede the fuel nozzle entering, so it is probably the wrong cap. If PERKO can't figure ti out who can? Any of you? ANd whey does it have to be vented? Isn't there a tank vent with a screw-in plug on the side of the boat anyway? Thanks
  • rob918
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    Two so far on an sd2000   2014. after the second one broke i left it at that and just unscrew the black plastic to fill. here they were 40 bucks a piece and i have not found a suitable replacement 
  • rgaribell
    rgaribell Member Posts: 1
    I am on my fourth gas cap.  The price for the cap has almost doubled.   I have a 2014 Sundeck 2200.  Has anyone foud a suitable replacement for less money?