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2012 Sundeck Sport 211 livewells will not function



  • bandt
    bandt Member Posts: 14
    The boat is still sitting untouched so I have decided to sell it and find another brand of boat.  Please let me know if you are interested its a 2012 Grey with a F200.
  • bandt
    bandt Member Posts: 14
    Ok I still have the boat.  Picked it up from dealer and some minor fixes had been done but nothing related to the livewell during one month at dealership.  Before I left it at the dealership the rear livewell would hold water but now does not.  One month and a few weeks later I am waiting to hear from Hurricane and will post when I hear to solution. 
    On a side note I was told originally that the high speed pickups should work up to 26MPH and now am told 20MPH, can anyone else confirm this?
  • permenjl
    permenjl Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 188 SDS and had the same issue with the live well.  I am the second owner and the original owner could not get it to work either.  I did two things and now it works perfectly.  I drlled a small hole in the top of the high speed pick up cover.  I then turned the pump outlet slightly up to keep water inside the pump cavity.  Orinally, the outlet pipe was pointed down and would keep an air bubble.
    2010 Hurricane SS188 OB
  • bandt
    bandt Member Posts: 14
    [:@]So the high speed pickups are still on the boat.  The boat is now at a fiberglass shop having the drain in the livewell lowered two inches below the inlet.  This is what the manufacture of the livewell system recommend and is why the livewell overflows into the boat.  After they are finished it is going back to the dealership and they are going to install a Power Stream Nozzle after the pump which I do not understand because the livewell already has one in it.  I sent an email asking for clarification a month ago but still no word.  The person that I am working with tells me that they do not know much about boats and this is a learning experience.  I would prefer not to be a teaching tool and think maybe engineering should get involved.  Hopefully the boat wont be in the shop for a whole month this time around.
  • mpbill
    mpbill Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 SD 211 C.C. in 2012 I dropped it off at the selling dealer.  I complained about several issues from loss of console power and gauges after I hit small chop. No Live well and Bait well fill. The Bimini mounts were all installed off center and they had to re-drill and fill several screw holes. All my interior had to be replaced twice due two large Pink Fungus growing between the foam and material. My tackle box door would not close or open properly. I finally got the live wells working and now I have water coming in at the transom. I looked for the valves for my intake sump and the ball valve handles were rotted off and laying in the bilge area. I thought the boat that was built for saltwater but the valves are cheap metal. I left my boat at the dealer 3 separate times for a total of 14 months. Hurricane agreed to let an outside repair shop fix the boat and replace the interior with an outside upholsterer. I honestly feel I bought a great idea for a boat that was rushed through the research and development period. I had many problems that should have been caught if anyone was looking. I have made the best of my decision and used the boat many times. I am now trying to figure out how to fix the leak at the ball valves.