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Need manual

Hello all
I just bought a 06 hurricane and need to find a manual so I can identify the switches at the helm as the sunn has cooked the names off. Where can I find a manual or is there somewhere online I can see the dash panels as they were. 
Also is it ok to leave my power and bilge switch on. They both seem to need to be on for the bilge to be at the ready but I don't want the battery to drain. Does the batt charger only charge while the engine is running?  The boat stays in the water so I can't have any thing go wrong.  Thanks in advance. 


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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on being a Hurricane owner!
    The 2012 manual that came with my Hurricane boat is a very basic general Owners ?guide? not really specific to any model and won?t give the identification of a specific console switch bank (I doubt they did anything different in the 2006 manual).  I would recommend you contact Hurricane?s Customer Support and maybe they can help you with that.  Or maybe there?s another owner on the forum with a similar boat that could help you identify the switches.
    Regarding your bilge pump, it should be wired direct to your battery and the float switch is what activates the pump.  They are wired that way to prevent the boat from sinking if it takes on too much water for whatever reason (whether you are present or not).  Unless something different is happening in your boat, you do not need to (or should ever) leave the master power and bilge pump switches ?on??? to test you can always pour water in the bilge area until you see when the float switch activates the pump, if it doesn't activate at a reasonable water level (or at all!) then you may have a malfunctioning float switch problem.  The bilge pump switch on the helm console bypasses the float switch and activates the bilge pump regardless of water level in the bilge.  Your ?Master? switch on your helm console activates and deactivates all power to the switches on your console that operate the other systems that require power on your boat.  This way if you forget to turn off any of the other switches on the console when you leave the boat, the Master switch will still defeat it when you turn it off (program it into your routine when you leave the boat, it helps prevent dead batteries).  Master ?battery? switches can be installed into your system to shut off all battery power to everything when conditions make sense to do so.  I keep my boat in a slip all season, have gone a couple of weeks without visiting the lake and have not encountered any battery problem when I went to use the boat leaving the bilge pump to do it?s job.  I do activate the bilge (and blower) switches whenever I prepare to start the engine to make sure the pump is working.
    Your battery should charge from the engine?s alternator.  And yes, it would only provide charging capability while the engine is running.  I have a separate on-board battery charger installed on boat (it has 3 batteries due to having a 24 volt trolling motor) that allow the batteries to be charged with a land line.  It also allows you to keep the battery charged while it?s being stored.
    Hope this helps and have fun with your boat!
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