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Dead Battery

johnotho Member Posts: 5
Have a SD2400. One of my two batteries is dead. I can start engine with battery #1. Question is - If I switch to battery #2 after starting will it re-charge via the alternator while the boat is running (like a car does) or do I have to replace the battery or see if it will hold a charge by using a battery charger?  Also, exactly how do the 2 batteries get charged via the #1, #2, BOTH or OFF switch? If I have it set to #1 are both batteries charging?


  • johnotho
    johnotho Member Posts: 5
    Also, please explain how the 2 batteries get charged via the switch settings of 1, 2, both, or off? Thanks for any input. 
  • pjsuburby
    pjsuburby Member Posts: 1
     I'm an old boater but new to hurricane boats. Battery switches are all very similiar. Check BoatUS, West Marine, for an in depth reading about batteries and switches.
    The Battery switch when set to OFF allows no connection to either battery. When set to #1 or #2, only that battery is available to the boat electronics and motor, allowing it to start the boat, run electronics AND get charged by the motors' alternator. When #1 is ON only #1 gets charged by the motor, #2 is out of the circuit. Same if you selected #2. When selecting BOTH you have both batteries connected to each other and all electronics and the motor. This is wonderful if both batteries can barely start the engine but BOTH can get you started.
    Using the motor to recharge a totally dead battery is a bad idea. You are taxing the alternator. Better to pull the battery and put it on a charger designed for that type of battery.
    Turning the switch from #1 to #2 while underway to recharge the battery is possible if the Switch is designed for it. If not, it can kill your alternator, I understand. I routinely spend half my day on battery #1, then restart on battery #2 for the second half of the cruising day to recharge it also.
    The Bilge pump can be wired totally outside of the battery switch so it always has electricity. This is suggested by some, especially if you leave the boat in the water.  I don't know how Hurricanes are wired, I will be checking mine soon.
    Hope this helps,
  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    I have dual batteries on my FD196 and here is how they are wired: The outboard battery is the smaller "starting" battery. It is designated #2 on the selector switch, but I think that is arbitrary. It might just as well be called #1 or #X and yours might be opposite to mine. The larger "deep cycle" battery is mounted inboard and it is designated #1. The selector switch decides which battery (or both) is connected to the master power switch at the console. When you are using electric power with the engine not running, the selector switch decides which battery you are using and allows you to keep one in reserve. Setting the selector to "off" kills power to all the accessories, running lights, stereo, etc. BUT... The engine harness is connected directly to the #2 battery. The engine will start and run with the switch in any position including "off", and the #2 battery will be charged by the alternator regardless of switch position. I think (have not tested this) that the #1 battery will only charge if the switch is set to "both". I might be wrong about that point if it turns out they hid a diode in there somewhere. Also, the bilge pump has a small inline fuse connected to the #2 battery that powers the automatic pump feature even with the switch "off" so your boat won't sink on the beach in a rainstorm. And the radio has a "memory keep alive" fuse connected to one of the batteries so the station presets and clock stay set. I always run with my selector switch set to "both" and turn it to "off" when I leave the boat. If one of your batteries is weak it could kill the good one if you leave them connected while not running.
    There are lots of extra console switches provided to add accessories and the factory wiring is very robust, but when I added a 600watt booster amp to my boat, I ran 8ga. cables straight from the #1 battery negative post and from the hot terminal of the master power circuit breaker. I would have connected directly to the selector switch lug but that would have required removing both batteries to get to the switch and I was lazy.
  • woodmore
    woodmore Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 Fundeck 196R...where is the battery selector switch?
  • servmgr64
    servmgr64 Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
    On mt 2013 FD226 the dual battery switch is I mounted on the inside of the hull beside the batteries. If not there you should be able to find it by following the cables from the batteries.
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