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Trailer size 188ob

bigsky Member Posts: 8
I am buying a 2013 188 ob with a 150hp yamaha. My dealer is telling me that I need a tandem axle trailer rated for 4000lbs. The trailer they sell is a venture aluminum trailer rated at 4200lbs with dual axles and brakes on both axles. The next model down is rated for 3600lbs. I don't mind overkill with trailers but this seems to me to be a bit much based on the wet weight advertised by Hurricane of 3300lbs which I assume is with a full tank of gas. I am also concerned about setting the boat up on the trailer and having it to far back to give me a decent tongue weight. Any thoughts?


  • donmat
    donmat Member Posts: 41 ✭✭
    I have the same boat (2010) and had to put it on an EZ loader 4000lb doubleaxle trailer at that time, due to its weight. Since then, they are now putting the same boat on an EZ loader single axle 3600 lb trailer. I was told by my dealer that EZ loader produced that trailer forthe Hurricanes. Ask your dealer to look into it. It should be cheaper and less to maintain.
  • unclevig
    unclevig Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2013 SD187 OB with a 115 and it came with a Magic Tilt single axle.
  • aaa1950
    aaa1950 Member Posts: 19
    I don't know why but I can't read the complete comments above. I don't know what trailer is best, but I would like to also know what everyone recommends. I have a 2012 SD 188 OB (Yamaha 115), my trailer is a single axle Magic Tilt.  The dealer had to install a lift kit for the bunks due to safety issues, but my problem is the height of the boat while sitting on the trailer causes issues loading and unloading the boat. It was this way before the lift kits were installed as well. If a ramp isn't just right I cannot off load or load the boat without almost completely submerging the trailer and with my truck rear wheels in the water. Most ramps aren't very long either.  Anyone having this type of problem?
  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    Hey guys...we had some trouble when we imported older posts into this new format. Working to get it fixed, but all new posts should be completely viewable (like the one above from aaa1950. Thanks for your patience!
  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭

    bigsky, it depends on how you want to use the trailer. If you only use it twice a year between the marina and the barn, the little one is OK, but if you want to travel with the boat you want over-capacity. Get the heavy duty one. It will last longer and so will your boat. Single axle trailers have stiffer springs and beat the boat up, and over time the constant flexing will crack aluminum frame rails. A galvanized steel tandem with disc brakes is the ticket.

  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭

    I have a 2010 SS 188OB with a 200 Merc on it and I have a single axle trailer with it.


    Its a Trailmaster (SC2040BR)  4000lb capacity/GVWR 5000lbs.  Its a fantastic trailer and can handle the boat quite nicely.

    2010 Hurricane SS 188 OB
    2010 Mercury Optimax 200HP / Mercury SS High Five 19P
    2010 Trailmaster SC trailer
  • jerry226
    jerry226 Member Posts: 15
    I will second the Trailmaster. They are a great trailer

    2006 Hurricane 188

    2003 Yamaha 130 hp

    2004 Trailmaster tandom axle with surge brakes

  • aaa1950
    aaa1950 Member Posts: 19
    Since I commented on this some time ago, I decided to trade the single axle for a LoadRite 5200 tandem axle. The new trailer has made life much, much better for me and my 2012 Hurricane SDS 188 115 Yamaha O/B.