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188 ob speed

bigsky Member Posts: 8
What kind of speed can I expect with a 188bo with a 150hp 4-stroke yammie? How slow can you go while still on plane? I hear a lot about people getting trim tabs to get on plane quicker and plane slower, thoughts on that?? Thanks


  • donmat
    donmat Member Posts: 41 ✭✭
    I purchased a set of Nauticus Smart tabs last year and plan to install them in the spring. I put them on my last boat, a 2000 19 ft' Stingray and they improved performance a lot. In the case of the Stingray, they cured low speed wander, improved hole shot and allowed me to stay on plane at a much lower speed.
    The Hurricane (ss 188 with a 115 yamaha does not suffer from low speed wander but I would expect to get the other benefits as others on the foum have attested to.