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I bought a new Hurricane Sundeck Sport 188 I/O from Bakker Marine in PA in 2011. I have had nothing but problems since. The livewell has NEVER worked. The bilge had to be replaced as it stopped working. Now I have no power to ignition and no one to support me in diagnosing the problem. I've called the dealer and they told me to bring it in AGAIN! The problem is that the drive to the dealership is a $60 ride as it's a 1.5 hours away. I can't find parts or diagrams online. Does anyone have any advice to help me troubleshoot the ignition issue? I get nothing from ignition. I don't even hear the buzzer when the key turns. I've checked all of the fuses, including the one on the starter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just a couple of simple questions before things get more complicated (mostly for me).

    Can I assume you have full power from your battery and if you have a battery switch it is correctly positioned (meaning not on "Off")?

    Double check that your throttle is in it's neutral position so the safety switch is disengaged (actually "clicked" into place).  I'm not saying I've had something like this happen to me.......... well, OK, it did happen to me....... after swapping batteries, following power lines, checking fuses/breakers,   calling the dealer for a service appointment.......boy did I feel dumb.  At least I made my dealer get a good laugh!
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    Brian...I'm putting this post in the hands of our Hurricane support team to see what they can do for you.
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    Options bet on the ignition issue (since you're pretty far from the dealer) is to call the engine manufacturer. Here's our list of support numbers for the different engine builders. Also, if you'll shoot an email to Terri (, she will send you the diagram you need. 

    Yamaha               1 800 962 7926

    Mercury               1 920 929 5040

    Volvo                    1 800 522 1959

    Suzuki                   1 714 996 7040