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Replacing Courtesy Lights with LED

jasonlauren724 Member Posts: 1
Hi!  New here.  I've got a 2004 Hurricane Fundeck 202 and I'd like to replace my interior courtesy lights with LEDs.  Here's my questions:

- I am traveling for an extended time, so do not have access to my boat, but I'd like to buy the LEDs so I can swap them as soon as I get in town; does anyone know the #/style/model for the current lights so I can find an LED replacement online?  How many area there and are they all the same?
- Has anyone done this using colored lights, aka blue LEDs, and if so, did you like it?  Any brand you'd recommend?

Thanks so much!



  • junebugv69
    junebugv69 Member Posts: 2
    Hello there!  I had just replaced my courtesy bulbs with some Blue LED lights last night. I have a 2001 FD196OB. You can find them on eBay in all colors. If you have the standard oval courtesy lights in your boat, I'm pretty sure they are #168 bulbs. You can also find these bulbs at your local auto stores like Advance Auto, O'reilly, Auto Zone.
  • scottlove
    scottlove Member Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm getting ready to replace my courtesy lights as well with the blue led's.  Are you happy with the change? 2005SD 217