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fundeck 201 GS 5.0 volvo few quesion

jt3kids Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

Just bought a 2001 Fundeck 201 with volvo 5.0 penta SX outdrive. Finding a few problems and wondering if they are serious. 1st, throttle moves easily forward in neutral, but when in gear it is very hard to push. I disconnected from outdrive and still no change. so Is this a bad cable or is there an adjustment?

2nd. on either side of the engine, inside the engine compartment, there are two round covers which give you access to the engine mounts. However, there was a considerable amount of water in them. where is this coming from? why wouldn't they put a drain hole into the bildge?

and 3rd. engine starts fine, idles and revs fine. however, if I try to give it gas fast ( idle or in gear), the engine bogs for a second, then picks up. there is a little (arm?) on the carb that pushes down when this happens.

well, thats it for now I guess. This was a brokerage boat and the marina has been some help, but not much. I know they had the engine trouble when I bought it and they did a complete engine rebuild. they also said they had to do some throttle adjustmenst too. They said the boat was sitting all winter and most likely just needs some good gas. I've had boats before, so I'm not a green at this, just haven't dealt with Volvo pentas before. thanks for any advice. - Jim

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