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203 OB - First Wash - Floor locker slow to drain & general pooling

MNDaveC Member Posts: 24
Enjoying the utility and comfort of our new 203 OB overall... but had the following observations to share. Would appreciate any tips to ease some of these quirks.

Just gave my new 203 OB its first deck wash down on the trailer, I jacked up the front of the trailer to get the boat level in hopes of helping the drains do their work.

The biggest issue I found that water from the front deck drains into the front ski/rod locker... not a big deal, but I soon found the ski locker to be holding water and building up. Checked back a half hour later and about half of the water had receded. A couple of hour later I re-checked the locker and it was mostly drained with some moisture and soap bubble residue left behind. Is this expected for the ski locker? Drain clogged?

I also noticed a few places where water tends not to drain off that could be future improvements... 
> Bow point due to the lip on the edge of the deck.. this also seems to pool rain water as the cover has a cutout for the bow light
> Ladder compartments as the stowage area is not slanted outward
> Battery compartment door does not have any drain-off path other than down into the compartment.. This compartment also gets rainwater in it as it is not enclosed by the boat cover. My batteries have been getting wet and the sponge foam holding the carbon filer is getting wet in recent rains.
> Drainage channels under seat cushions and around ski locker don't seem to have any slant to them
> Several drain holes seem to be too small to quickly shed water and could be easily clogged.. 
> Drain holes raised above surface instead of recessed to drain off final amounts of water.