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MinnKota MK-1-DC Single Bank DC Alternator Charger --- where to connect purple wire?

jlake Member Posts: 8 ✭✭
Proud new owner of a sundeck 187 OB (Yamaha 115hp).  Got a trolling motor as well and purchased the above named on board DC alternator charger to help with the trolling battery.  Does anyone know how to find a wire on the "ignition circuit"?  From teh manual, Minn Kota says:  "For this DC Alternator Charger to function, find the purple ignition wire and connect it to the Ignition Circuit. This can be any +12v source that is only energized when the ignition key is turned on. "  

Try as I might, I cannot find a purple wire on the boat to connect to the wire with this charger...I am thinking I may need to add length to the Minn Kota purple wire and somehow make it run all the way behind the ignition and connect it there.  Anyone else have any advice?