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Prop Question

rob Member Posts: 6

Good Afternoon,

I have a 2012 SS188 W/ 2012 F115 Yamaha, I want to get a SS Prop. Prop on now is alum 13 1/4 X 17 WOT @ 38 MPH with 5900 to 6000 RPMs trimmed up. Need anyone with same, that has changed to SS Prop, what size do you recommend. Want to stay below the 6000 RPM, and would love to break the 40 MPH if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help..



  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you are propped nearly perfectly for max. speed with the alum. prop you now have.  You might pick up a mph or 2 switching to a SS prop the same size with a cupped type shape.  I don't think I would recommend changing prop size.............just material, since you are right where you want to be rpm wise.

    Disclaimer:  I'm no expert, but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express.
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  • rob
    rob Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Ernest T, kina felt the same way, but its always nice to hear it. Im a firm beleiver in having a spare tire as well as a spare prop. SS it is. Alum for a spare. Will be tearing up Kerr Lake NC this weekend.

    Take care


  • fldanny
    fldanny Member Posts: 35 ✭✭
    Rob Im running SS Prop same prop size on same exact boat. Can you tell me what placement your engine is in meaning which hole? I can run those rpms with me and a couple passengers any more weight than that I cant get past 5300 wot and 37 MPH. Im going to get some weight on the bow this weekend and do some testing....
  • rob
    rob Member Posts: 6


    Not at the boat right now, but as I can remember,  + second hole +   

    Later, Rob