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Fuel Gauge

thoray Member Posts: 6

I have a 2004 Hurricane GS232 Deck boat with a 225 Honda outboard.  At the lake this week my fuel gauge appears to have stopped working, it is consistently showing full. 

Ideas where i can begin to check the fuel gauge for starters. 



  • rgforrester
    rgforrester Member Posts: 7

    Most marine fuel gauges work the same.  You can just google Marine Fuel Gauge Testing ti find a number of resources.  In my repair efforts last year I found three two page documents that cover a step by step test procedure and the expected ohm readings if you have to test the sensor in the tank.  If you can't find what you need through google post your email address and I'll forward you what I have.
    2001 GS201 Yamaha 115 OB (4 stroke)
  • topcat
    topcat Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
    see my post for fuel gauge troubleshooting under electrical discusion
  • thoray
    thoray Member Posts: 6
    I found the problem while at the lake house an forgot to go back to the forum for responses until the problem reoccurred yesterday all most a year later. The document you suggested helped out. Thanks.