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Livewell pump airlock

Has anyone had problems with the livewell pump constantly getting air locked?  are there any easy solutions?


  • This could be a routing issue with the hose / a pee trap in the line / excess hose not allowing system to maintain prime. This is something that you should have your local Dealer trouble shoot. 

  • Ernest_T
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    Congratulations on being the first poster.  I just happened to check the site today. 

    I've not used my live-well yet, but hope to this next month.  What do you mean by air locked?  Are you not able to pump water to it? 
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  • Jmenefee
    Jmenefee Member Posts: 2
    Local dealer had to re=plumb the pump.  Tubing was pointed down on discharge side of pump and would drain prime off when pump stopped.  Works great now.  now if the fish would start biting!
  • bobishkan
    bobishkan Member Posts: 1
    Yes I too have had that problem on a 232 model. Only fix is a new ad on water scoop to replace the factory one.
  • dmsseiden
    dmsseiden Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 SD237 with the optional fishing package.  The livewell is a small compartment at the front of the boat that had a pump added to it. The pump intake is at the back of the boat.  The livewell has a drain tube that is supposed to drain the excess water when it reaches the top of the tube.
    It has always been hard to get the pump to start pumping water into the tank.  But, after it does start pumping, the water pumps in faster than the drain tube can drain it back out.  The tank fills to the top, and overflows into the bottom of the boat.
    I've tried regulating the pressure with the inline ball valve, but too much regulating makes it even harder to get the water flow started.  I've tried shortening the drain tube.  That helped some, but still didn't completely solve the proplem.
    I've always wished for some in-tank recirculation, also.