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Minimizing rust on the gel coat and chromed pieces

We have a 2009 FDGS that's kept in a dry storage facility. Therefore, the boat is pulled and washed each time it is used.
However, there is always some small amount of rust on the deck and chrome parts.
How does one minimize and remove this rust?


  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    The 3 most popular anti-rust/corrosion products in my area are CRC 656, Fluid Film, and Crossion X.  I've tried all 3, but I like Crossion X the best (there is also a marine store in my area that carries it).  It comes in a standard, and heavy duty version.  The heavy duty version is thick and really stays in place, but it is not something you want to spray on areas of the boat that you see or have to touch often, since it is kind of messy and has a brown look.  I use the heavy duty Corrosion X on my trailer, and engine, prop, etc..  For exposed metal on my boat I occasionally wipe down with standard Crossion X, and it prevents rust.  In fact, I've actually seen it remove rust from metal.  It is a dielectric, so you can even spray it on electrical equipment (batteries, cables, radio, etc..)
    Any of the above 3 products work well to prevent corrosion. 
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