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Continuous high sound on start up

deltahotel Member Posts: 7
When I start my 2004 gs 201 I get a long shrill sound that will not go away. I thought it was a gas warning so I put some in and nope. When I speed up and put the trim down it goes away for a bit but does come back. I think it has something to do with the trim but not sure.
Any ideas?????!!



  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭

    @deltahotel.  My first advice is that you have an engine alarm sounding so don't continue to run the boat until this problem is addressed or you could have expensive repairs.

    Secondly, I'm an outboard guy so I have limited knowledge but some understanding of the I/O.

    Have you checked your oil levels (trim pump, engine oil)  Not sure if they're monitored and alarmed (oil level I'd suspect, not trim pump) and since you're trim is functioning properly you're most likely ok in that regard.

    I see this post immediately after responding to another.  I had a friend who had a 2004 GS 201 which did the same while underway so I'll share my experience.

    The boat ran fine, but once up on plane, if you trimmed up, the engine alarm would sound.  If we dropped speed and trimmed down it was fine.

    What was happening is on trimming up, the intake from the sterndrive was getting 'pinched' and no water was being brought into the cooling system, and the alarm was an engine temperature warning.  Dropping the trim, allowed water flow and return to normal operating temperatures.

    So, you've mention 'on start up'  If the engine is cold, and you start it, do you get the alarm immediately or is it after its been running a few minutes and/or under operation.

    What are the readings on your gauges (voltage - my OB alarms if I have low voltage, engine temp)

    Does it happen ever with the trim all the way down or only in the up position?  Are you trimming the engine to high.

    If it ends up being cooling/water intake/engine temp, you'll need to resolve the intake issue along with replacing the impeller (lack of water for even a few seconds will ruin it) and without proper circulation of water, you'll be installing a new head on the engine for 1000s of $$$$.

    Hope this helps as a starting point to head in the right direction but given the limited details I have, these are some starting points.

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  • deltahotel
    deltahotel Member Posts: 7
    All levels are good. When running the boat I have tried both trim up and down. The sound will go away sometimes. On start up there was always a beep but that was only on key turn. I thought it was like a start up test. Since the problem started the same sound just keeps going. Where is the intake from the stern drive lololol
  • deltahotel
    deltahotel Member Posts: 7
    It was the gear oil reservoir level. There was a vacuum leak.
  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    @deltahotel...thanks for the update...that will definitely help others.