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How to troubleshoot a faulty fuel gauge part 2

topcat Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
Since you need to ohm out the wires in the plug you will need very pointed and narrow probes to make contact or will have to insert small pins into the black and pink wire connectors and attach the meter leads to these pins. You should obtain a resistance reading nearly the same (within .1 or .2 ohms) as you recorded when measuring the sender in the tank. This small difference is due to the resistance of the wires.  If you don’t read nearly the same reading then there is a defect in the wiring harness.   The resistance reading you will get depends on how much fuel you have in your tank.  
For the problem I am troubleshooting I filled my tank and the fuel gauge only reads between 3/4 and 7/8 full.  My tank sender unit does not read 33.5 ohms it has a higher resistance value which is incorrect and that is why the fuel needle does not display at the full mark. So either my fuel sender is faulty, or something in the tank is preventing the float from reaching the top of the bar where it would read 33.5 ohms, or the wrong sender unit was installed by the manufacturer, or the design of the tank and sender unit used is not compatible. The next step to isolate the fault would be to take the fuel sender out of the tank and manually adjust it to full and empty and see if it reads 33.5 ohms and 240 ohms. If the sender ohms out correctly then something in the tank is preventing the float from reaching its top position.  I am going to let the dealer continue the troubleshooting since its under warranty.   For additional information See page 46 and 47 of the Faria Instrument guide  
Due to the issues of refueling the hurricane I really need an accurate gauge as I rely on that when I am refueling the boat. I have owned a 2004 Sundeck 237 and a 2007 Sundeck 237 and the fuel gauges in these boats displayed full when the tank was filled. Anyone else have a problem with a fuel gauge that does not display full after refueling on a new Hurricane?