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Faria Tempt, Gauge on SD187 I/O

Just wondering if anyone who has a 4.3 TKS w/o the freshwater cooler have noticed the temp fluctuating from around 175 F. to below the 100 F. on the gauge.  it makes sense  that every time the thermostat opens that the water temp in the lakes is below this reading.  all I can gather though is that the thermostat would be working.  any thoughts would be appreciated.  also has anyone figured out a way to back flush the engine using the drain housing?  not sure after draining the engine that you would be able to re-fill with salt-away or a similar type flush with the thermostat closed.  again, thanks/


  • Tobi
    Tobi Member Posts: 3
    I'm not an expert but that seems like a large fluctuation for the properly functioning thermostat ??  Could it possibly be a faulty thermostat, poor connection at the gage or sending unit, faulty gage.  I did have a problem with my gage reading too high.  I sent it into Faria and they rebuilt if for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
  • Indian
    Indian Member Posts: 2
    thanks Tobi for your response.  the book from mercruiser states that the thermostat is a 165 F. and that would be close to the gauge reading as it climbs while we are moving.  and as I stated, the gauge will drop below the lowest reading on the faria gauge which is 100 F. after the high point reading.  I guess I just would like to know from others who have the 4.3 I/B engines have seen the same type of readings.  it does show to be in range (100-175) when you stop the engine and re-start within say 10 or so minutes.  thanks