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Start up problem with 5.0 GXI

Cav Member Posts: 1
I have a 2003 Hurricane Fundeck with a 5.0 GXI SX outdrive Volvo with about 390 hours. Most of the time it starts beautifully.  But occasionally it will crank but will not start at idle seting in neutral. To start it is necessary to disengage the gears and advance the throttle to 800-1000 rpm to start the motor (fuel injected). When returning to idle the motor will stall below 500 rpm. When this happens is not possible to engage the gears and therefore not possible to run the boat. This more frequently but not always happens when the motor is hot, turned off (fish, swim) and then try to restart. It was originally diagnosed (guessed) as a vapor lock in the fuel line. No correction was made. It less frequently happens with a cold motor. Later in the day or the next day the motor will start perfectly at idle and operate normally.

Any one experience anything similar? Any suggestions?


  • William
    William Member Posts: 6
    Sounds like a fuel issue I would start checking fuel pressure I had almost same issue on a pickup and it was the electric fuel pump sometimes it work correctly and other time it wouldn't just a thought.