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2012 187 OB - poor windshield build - rattles and rattles!

tommytuna Member Posts: 8
This boat is great except for the windshield setup. Last year I had to replace the support bars. This year something has loosened and the small side window section is rattling where it meets up to the,main windshield. Tried tightening screws and no luck. I have never had this many issues with a windshield. Now sounds like an old clunker. Any thoughts on how to fix?


  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    @tommytuna ... putting this in the hands of Terri in Hurricane Customer Support. What is the dealer saying at this point? Have they given it a look with the most recent issue? 
  • duplicated
    duplicated Member Posts: 2
    I have screws coming loose also.  I have to tighten them after every boat ride and sometime during.  The one that reaches the lowest part near the cup holders always wiggles loose.  Unfortunately I can only hand tight this because I can't find a tool shallow enough to fit it.
  • gmerseal
    gmerseal Member Posts: 4
    I fixed the windshield problem. I took the whole thing off and filled the screw holes with rivets. Looks better and you don't have the sharp edges waiting for an accident to happen. Just my thoughts !!