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Buzzing relays behind the dashboard

Hello All
Would appreciate an expert advise on my issues. I bought a 2004 SD 187. From the beginning bilge pump did not operate in Auto - only in manual. I knew there was some work done by the previous owner - and it was not a 'nice' work. I noticed that a brown/red wire with a fuse was connected to the 'negative' on the battery that looked weird. From the wiring diagram i confirmed it should go to 'positive'. Just for precaution i measured resistance between positive and that wire 
(already disconnected from negative) and it was pretty high. So... i connected that brown/red wire to positive... And something happened that i cannot revert back. On the switch panel - any switch i turn on juts gives a buzzing sound from the back of the dash board. Bilge does not work, stereo - blinks.. The engine will start however. 
I think i lost the ground somehow but cannot find - where. 
I would greatly appreciate any advise. I was thinking bad relays but two going bad same time - suspicious..