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Beeping every couple of seconds - Yamaha

ricto02 Member Posts: 4
Have a 2008 deckboat with a Yamaha 4 stroke 200 outboard. When key on and in neutral getting a constant beeping and it looks like either an 8 or a B flashing at the same type of beeps. Just replaced both batteries, everything running great but can't get rid of the beeping Thanks


  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
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    If its intermediate beeping rather than the loud buzzer, then I would suspect that the sensor in the on-board (inside the cowl of the engine) fuel filter has detected water in the fuel system.  You should be able to see the water in the bottom of the filter if this is the case.  The water level triggers the warning beeps. 

    Yamaha recommends running a separate fuel/water separator that should be in the bilge area (these are dealer installed, but not all dealers put them in).  Rancor makes a nice filter with a clear bowl, so you can see any water collecting.  Unfortunately, even these filters sometimes do not stop all the water, especially if its not been changed in a while. 

    What I would try is to change out both filters (the in line and the filter in the engine), then consider buying your fuel from a different location.  Try to run non-ethanol fuel if you can, since I know guys that run ethanol containing fuel have more problems with this.  I'm lucky in that my marina still caries only non-ethanol fuel.  In some cases water has collected in the bottom of your fuel tank, so no matter what you do it keeps recurring.  Not a bad idea to completely drain the fuel tank once this happens to try and remove all the water at the bottom of the tank.

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